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16: Modern Art and Neighborhood with Don Masse

Today’s guest is an elementary art teacher who writes a common column for Arts and Activities Magazine, and his weblog, Shine Brite Zamorano, exactly where he shares his student’s projects. He masterly infuses modern art into his college and neighborhood in thrilling and relevant methods. He contributes so considerably inspiration, motivation, and assistance to art teachers everywhere.


Show Highlights:

  • Background on Don Masse
  • Operating at Zamorano teaching children art
  • Masse’s Weblog when and why he began it
  • Began to use the world-wide-web to create his curriculum
  • Masse’s weblog is mainly primarily based on Modern artists 
  • Masse makes use of his Weblog to aid concentrate for his curriculum
  • Masse tells us some of the major world-wide-web search locations he employed
  • Guidelines on how to have projects primarily based on artists but nevertheless be exceptional
  • How to incorporate writing and reflection in Masses lessons
  • Masse tells us about some of his preferred lessons
  • How Masse approaches speaking to the children about their operate
  • How you have to have to embrace the silence
  • What artwork changed Masse’s life

Hyperlinks Pointed out in the Show:

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Buck Rock Inventive Art Camp

Colossal Art Weblog

Bloom Weblog

Shine Brite Zamorano

Instagram: @ shinebritezamorano

Arts &amp Activities Magazine

Galla Placidia of Ravenna Rome

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