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  1. renell20 says:

    I know the answer @cstsecond do I get one 🤗 so proud

  2. 🍴 🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🎂🍪🍩🍨🍧🍦

  3. @renell20 hahaha no cheater. No JBG staff allowed. 🤣

  4. @officialflowxs right all of those are on the list. Lol.

  5. Names–>Mike and Kevin

  6. And fast food—> spam and rice for kevin and a kind of burger with a hash brown in the middle.

  7. For the skills he does danceing and drawing/ drawing cartoons.

  8. k.ianne says:

    Kevin: Spam with rice

  9. k.ianne says:

    Mike: sausage & egg mcmuffin

  10. k.ianne says:

    with a hash brown inside^^

  11. The skills are dancing and drawing also drawing cartoons

  12. The fast food for kevin is spam and/with rice and for mike is sausage and/with egg and a hashbrown with it too.

  13. Kiven-spam and rice Mike-burger with hash brown in the middle

  14. Oh and sausages for mike

  15. flamea2005 says:

    Kevin: Spam with rice
    Mike: sausage & egg mcmuffin

  16. k.ianne says:

    both things from mcdonald’s.. kevin’s specifically in hawaii ^^

  17. @timberwolf8577 @k.ianne @flamea2005 and @bloodsucker180 all of you have won your autographed posters.

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