“We had a fantastic first week at the Summer Arts Academy. Our students learned about indigenous creation stories and contemporary issues, took a trip to Wakanda to design a new skyline, and learned about fractals in nature.  For the following week we have exciting new projects, please take a look below:

In Social Studies, we will be exploring different forms of government and ideologies. Students will then create their political platforms and present their ideas to classes in Westview in a mock election. Members of the community will also have the chance to vote as well through online platforms!

Next, in Numeracy, as a cross-curricular activity, students will explore where they fit in the political spectrum by using grids to plot where they stand. This is an exciting opportunity in math as students will learn that political views can fall in spectrum rather than being confined to a box.

Lastly, in Literacy, students will create comic strips based on the different indigenous creation stories they have learned from the previous week. We are excited to see their interpretations and drawings by the end of the week.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum or activities for the week, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra Martinez at sandra@justbgraphic.org ”
– Sandra Martinez
– Clipper Miano
– Breeann Morgan-Hunt

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