“The introduction and first week went extremely well within the dance program. The kids were so receptive and open to the content especially when we talked about the deeper connections dance has within our communities.  At first the students were a little shy to warm up to dance but after the first class they really opened up and started to really enjoy dancing together. The first week we mainly focused on hiphop and touched on the theme of analyzing a music video Tribe Called Red – R.E.D.  The students were to observe the music video and talk about the feelings they had towards it as it touched on a more serious topic about the controversy of “Standing Rock”, where indigenous people were having there food supply and home threatened due to corporate oil pipe interest.  Now that the first week has finished the students are more open to each other and during class help one another to get the dance moves down while still talking about the various communication techniques we as dancers use daily.”
-Nasary Volkoveski

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