What a critically engaging week we have had at the Summer Arts Academy! In the last week, students have learned about the political spectrum and differing views of the political parties in Ontario. As a class, we’ve engaged in critical discussions through cross-curricular activities to deconstruct the meaning behind certain concepts such as “left wing” and “right wing” and how these apply to the current political landscape. Students have shown great interest in voicing their opinions about how the political parties of the province affect every day people’s lives in addition to the importance of voting. For their final project, students will be creating their own political parties and participate in a mock election in which the community will be invited to participate in through online and in-person voting.

For the following week, students will continue to deconstruct the world around them by focusing on media literacy for language arts, explore social issues around the world in social studies, and learn about budgeting through exploring food insecurity in Canada. Students will have opportunities to critically look at media that they interact with everyday and will have an opportunity to create advertisements in response to issues that are occurring around the world. Lastly, we are excited to be discussing the issue of food security as it affects many Canadians nationwide. We have decided to incorporate budgeting as a basic math skill as we believe that it is an important skill for all children to know.

-Sandra Martinez

-Clipper Miano

-Breeann Morgan-Hunt


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