The sessions this week went by so fast especially when the students were engaging in the content so much. This week we worked on Dancehall where the kids got to perform in groups as well put together a little mini routine they had to show to each other. Everyone in the class is working really hard and showing a deeper understanding in the content especially when tying it into the real world we live in.  We discussed communication styles that dance can use to send a message to its audience as well as a deeper look into other components of life that dance can impact.  This week I saw a lot of the students show there personality more and in doing so took on a leadership role to help one another review the dance choreography.
This week I would like to nominate Monique – She has been working really hard in class and when answering questions about the deeper understanding of how to connect what we learn in dance to the outside world she does not hesitate to speak with very positive and descriptive points.  She shows courage by always volunteering and taking initiative as well as being a team leader amongst her peers.
– Nasary V.

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