At the Summer Arts Academy, we cannot begin to explain the amazing connections our students have made through exploring media literacy, budgeting, and writing. This week, our central theme in social studies and language arts centred on critically analyzing and responding to the world around us by examining advertisements, music videos such as This is America produced by Donald Glover, and looking at how art can be used as a tool for social commentary. Students engaged in discussions that they felt were valuable, important, but most of all needed as issues of stereotypes, power, and privilege came into play when examining the world around us. Lastly, through the topic of food security, students came to understand that hunger is not something that happens far away, but rather an issue that occurs in our own backyard too. Students learned to budget for different family scenarios through looking through grocery store flyers. For next week, students will continue to engage in contemporary issues affecting Canadians and the world. We look forward to all the critical discussions our students will have next week! Great job class !

– Sandra M.

– Clipper M.

– Breeann M.