This week we had another critically engaging week! Through various cross curricular activities, we examined the Toronto Purchase treaty. Students examined the 2010 settlement, current housing costs in our city, and determined if the individual settlement amount could be used as a down payment for a home in the city. After these activities, our students were given the task to re-write the Toronto Purchase treaty to make equitable and fair to all parties involved. Through this process our students learned the art of negotiation and compromise which is an important life skill.

Next week, students will be preparing for the graduation, taking a small trip to Fresh Co, and will have a special guest visiting our students! For graduation, our students will be focused on finishing their political platforms, a drama skit, and having their voices heard all in preparation for the big night. Next, at Fresh Co, students will finish their lesson on food security by going on a shopping trip to bring their budgeting skills that were practiced in class to life. Lastly, Mahlikah Awe:ri from the Red Slam Collective will be joining us our class to deliver a workshop on Water & the Indigenous way.

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