The objective for this weeks Reggaeton sessions were to use different communication tools to show how you can persuade an audience to enjoy a performance that much more.  We used the skills we learned in the prior weeks to really bring a challenge this week on how quick the students pick up choreography.  Within picking up choreography, students learn how to execute the moves, understand what muscle groups are working in order to create a picture within the performance.  The main concept for this week is to understand the freedom dance gives you to express yourself. It allows you to be happy and communicate emotion, feeling and different concepts to your audience.  So happy to see such amazing progress as they help each other open up that much more.
The last week we will briefly touch Soca and start working on prepping the three dances the students and I picked to perform at their graduation.  The last project will analyze how each student progressed through the class and what they learned about the content we talked about, the dance styles we learned and most importantly about themselves.
-Nasary V.