During the fourth week of the Digital Arts program at Just BGraphic’s Summer Arts Academy, students will be completing their final and culminative project for this class to showcase what they have learned throughout the duration of the course. For their final project, students have created an illustrated storybook about themselves using Photoshop. The story book is comprised of different pages that illustrate one fact/aspect about themselves. For this project, students had the creative freedom to illustrate any facts about themselves such as: what they want to be when they grow up, what their hobbies are, what their favorite food is and more. The Storybook will be printed and made into a foldable book and be displayed along with all the other projects at the graduation show next week Thursday, August 9th. This final project allows students to use their creative and abstract thinking skills to discover how to use simple organic shapes to create representational images to communicate ideas. This aspect of digital arts and design is crucial and relevant to any creative career students wish to choose for the future and gives students a foundation to build on if they choose to pursue a creative career path.

– Celena L.