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An Simple Art Appreciation Game and Printable

Inside: Students use creativity in this art appreciation game for youngsters with a cost-free art appreciation printable. Students are shown a compact piece and draw the rest.

Lately, I was hunting at the Prado Museum web page researching hyperlinks for my year of art appreciation post. I identified a small thumbnail sketch of the painting, and I believed it was so cool. I was smitten by it and necessary to know what it was proper away. I clicked on the image and practically nothing occurred. WHAT?! So I then began clicking about on the Prado Museum web page, but I couldn’t obtain it. This image is like practically nothing I have ever noticed ahead of, so I didn’t even know exactly where to commence hunting on the web-site.

Right here is the thumbnail. Is not it so intriguing? Does not it just make you want to know far more?


I ended up obtaining to use the snipping tool to pull the image from the web-site. Then, I did a reverse Google image search for the image. That is when I found that this was The Straw Manikin by Francisco Goya. The final painting didn’t appear like what I anticipated but that was what was so enjoyable about the course of action.

The Art Curator for Kids - Francisco Goya - The Straw Manikin

Francisco Goya, The Straw Manikin, 1791-92


That small puzzle piece created my brain go so lots of areas, and it created me believe of lots of diverse art appreciation game s I could do with students with compact clips of paintings like that. I could show a compact bit of the painting and then have to student guess what the rest of the painting appears like or give the student a compact portion of the painting and have them draw what the rest may appear like. This activity is not new to the globe, but it was enjoyable to encounter it out in the wild for myself.

I utilized to operate at a history museum in downtown Dallas, and we would do some thing related with historic photographs. We photocopied them and reduce them into pieces and distributed the diverse quadrants to diverse groups of students. The students had to figure out clues from the images. It taught them to appear closely and notice issues they may not have noticed had they been offered the complete photograph initially.

I decided to make you a printable of this painting and other people that operate with the activity.

Art Appreciation Game Guidelines and Printable

You print it and give it to the student, and ask them to draw the scene about it, or just talk about what they notice and what they predict for the rest of the painting. Just after they total the art appreciation game, show the complete painting and talk about.

I utilized these paintings for this activity in the printable.

  • Francisco Goya, The Straw Manikin, 1791-92
  • Johannes Vermeer, The Milkmaid, c. 1658
  • Vincent van Gogh, Bedroom in Arles, 1888
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Lady with an Ermine, 1489-90
  • Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Gojō Bridge, an Episode from the Life of Yoshitsune, 1881
  • Unknown, Rahula,16th century

Download the art appreciation game printable.

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