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Art Teacher Longevity with Phyllis Brown

I’m so excited to welcome Phyllis Brown on the show nowadays! Phyllis has taught art for 36 years, and she’s right here to share her experiences, her invaluable guidance, and lessons she’s discovered in her profession. She’s passionate, realistic, and brings a fresh point of view to teaching art, i.e. pre-technologies, in the classroom. 

Art Teacher Longevity


Show Highlights:

  • Phyllis tells how she “accidentally” ended up teaching art 
  • The rewards of operating an art weblog
  • Cindy and Phyllis go over how teaching has changed considering the fact that she began
  • The passionate feelings surrounding little ones, technologies, and art
  • The quiet expertise that art classes teach little ones
  • How seasoned art teachers can discourage new art teachers
  • Why it is essential to think about what message you place out, to students and future teachers
  • Phyllis shares her robust feelings on unions and why she encourages them
  • Phyllis’ quantity a single rule in her classroom

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