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Dance REVOLT 2016 – Luther Brown, Bizzy Boom and Kelly Gammie

Dance REVOLT is a full day dance conference open to all students in grades 8-12 of intermediate skill level and up. Workshops will cover 3 dance genres; Hip-Hop, Reggae, and contemporary. Students will learn about post-secondary arts programs offered by York University, career development, the business of being in the Arts Industry and much more. Dance REVOLT also provides opportunities for students to explore occupations in the sector through experiential learning which include; visiting the York University dance department, participating in a full day of dance workshops, having one-on-one discussions with current York students, as well as participating in a highly dynamic and interactive 75 minute dialogue with our Master Choreographer.


Dance REVOLT 2016 registrations are open. Click here to register your studetns today REGISTER HERE


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