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Day 2 with Larinee!

Today at Downsview, we had a small number of people come in today but the energy was still there. Going over from what they learned on Monday, the students are taking advantage of cleaning the moves and making it better than before. This is a great opportunity for the students because they are getting the chance to express themselves. With the dance they are learning, Larinee is taking her time in making sure that each student is understanding the moves and what is expected when executing the dance. Being able to split the students and have them watch each other, it allowed them to see what mistakes they were making and what they needed to improve on. 

In todays class, Larinee is adding new moves to the choreography. Seeing the dance unfold is exciting. The students get to have more of a personal one on one moment with Larinee and have her feed back on what she sees they should work on more while doing the dance. When this all comes together hopefully in the near future we are going to see the full vision of what Larinee had in mind when she created this piece. 

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