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How to Lead Art Discussions They will WANT to Join

Inside: Register to join a no cost art teacher education webinar about how to lead engaging and educational classroom art discussions.

free art teacher training webinar

Classroom Art Discussions

Have you ever wanted to lead a meaningful classroom art discussion but felt also nervous or unprepared to go for it?

Did you be concerned that the students would be bored or have nothing at all to say?
That they’d ask some thing you didn’t know the answer to?
Or, perhaps you feared they would complain about not producing art?

My years as a museum educator and art teacher showed me that students are eager to go over operates of art! There is a way to present artworks that will hold your students understanding, engaged, and excited!

free art teacher training classroom art discussions

No cost Art Teacher Instruction Webinar

Join me for my no cost art teacher education webinar, How to Lead Art Discussions They’ll WANT to Join, to find out the secret to maintaining little ones connected, considering, and focused even though producing private connections with operates of art.

There are two possibilities to join me for this art teacher education! Choose the time that operates ideal for you:

Monday, 13 August 2018, at 7:00 PM (Central)
Wednesday, 15 August 2018, at 11:00 AM (Central)

I’ll give you all my ideal recommendations for facilitating meaningful connections that will:

  • foster private art connections
  • stimulate crucial considering
  • encourage empathy
  • hone observation capabilities
  • bring history and narrative alive
  • market collaboration
  • teach emotional intelligence
  • create which means
  • jumpstart creativity

Do not miss out on the opportunity to introduce the energy of art to your students.
Registration is expected, so do not overlook to RSVP!

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