Kareem Ajani

Photography Instructor

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Kareem Ajani has always been known for getting into something relating to the arts. Once an aspiring cartoonist, Kareem suddenly found himself quickly drawn towards the growing field of photography in 2006. With a background in art, it was no surprise when he made the transition into photography.

Kareem has photographed for dozens of publications, recording artists and commercial clients, such as: Sway Magazine, Urbanology, TOFLO, 3Sixty Magazine and artists including Pretty Ricky, Masia One and MTV Canada hosts – Gilson and Alliyah, Kareem continues to both grow and exceed his client’s expectations.

Having photographed everything from album covers to editorial spreads, Kareem Ajani has always had a vision of carving out his niche. Known for his vivid imagery and use of contrasting elements, it was only fitting that he would wind up devoting his talents to the young generation. When anything you can imagine can be made possible, then the impossible becomes non-existent. He is now making the transition from being behind the camera, to being in forefront of eager and enthusiastic aspiring artists to share with them his experiences and knowledge.

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