Kayode Brown

Workshop Facilitator

As the Founder & Creative Director, I am a former resident of the Jane and Finch Community and my roots grow deep in its foundation. I have played a vibrant and outstanding role in the progress of Jane and Finch becoming a safe and respected community.

Being an artist has been my way of life since I can remember. Growing up in a family of artists it is has always been second nature to express myself through music, dance, graphic/visual arts, and performing arts. The freedom of being able to produce something that is not confined by anything other than my limitations motivates me to continue to push beyond any boundaries.

The arts for me have been a source of stress relief and a comfortable space where I can begin to heal and self-reflect. This is the main reason for my passion within the arts because I truly believe that it helps to heal and define a person’s thoughts and beliefs.  As the lead creative director, I have been able to lead my team to produce projects that yield positive outcomes. I believe that I have been given the special ability to inspire the youth.


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