Photography program for all ages and skill levels. Our photographers are diverse and capture fashion, landscape, journalism, product, portraits and more. This program is hands-on and embodies lessons on theory, techniques, composition and correlates math and science into photography.

Our Photography Program

Photography is a great hobby or pastime, but it can also be an exciting career avenue. Our program teach students how to take beautiful and moving photos, but also how to market themselves as professionals in the photography industry.

Photography Courses

We offer 2 types of lessons/workshops, each with a slightly different focus:

  • Creative and Applied Digital Photography. These lessons examine how digital technology has changed the photography industry. Students will learn lighting techniques, colour and black and white photography production, and *Photoshop (pending schools resources), as well as studio techniques and how to produce high-end and location photography. Business skills will also be emphasized.
  • Photojournalism. Photojournalism is a unique program that combines photography with journalism and writing. Students learn to tell stories not only with their writing but with their pictures as well. Students will learn reporting and news judgment skills on top of their lessons in photography and camera operation.

Program Requirements

  • Schools must have access to photography equipment (DSLR cameras, lens, computers, tripod) to support a maximum of 30 students. 
  • Schools must have access to a computer lab (either PC or Mac based)
  • Access to photo-editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Students grades 6 and up

Camera requirements

  • Canon DLSR Cameras
    • Rebel T3 Series or anything higher are preferred.
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