Life Series Workshops

Life Series Workshop

Our signature workshop series for all ages and great for PPC classes and leadership development. We cover meaningful topics such as healthy relations, mental health, bullying and social justice. We use modern pop culture media to stimulate guided conversation that awaken the mind to new concepts and theories.

We live in a world facing enormous socio-political and ecological challenges. Social justice programs can provide critical perspectives on these challenges and on the possibilities for moving beyond injustices and inequalities. Social justice education can help to provide a critical promotion of social justice initiatives in the contemporary world. It furnishes a common ground for understanding our troubled world and exploring alternative futures. 

The JBG Life Series program was created to encourage conversation around topics such as, mental health, bullying, healthy relationships, stereotypes, identity and many more.  The topics are facilitated by our trained professionals who are sensitive to the cultural differences within the classroom.  The workshops use pop culture as the vehicle to start the conversations. By analyzing song lyrics, interviews, music videos, mainstream advertisements and other media, we slowly begin to peel back the layers opening discussions and thoughts. 



  • Blurred Lines – Healthy Relationships
  • Power of Me – Resilience
  • De:Coded – Stereotypes and stigmas

*The workshops are ever evolving, for more information please contact us at 416-746-6524

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