Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix

Our premiere sound and engineering program for high school students. This program covers everything from basic music theory to advance sound engineering. This program blends the creative world of music with the mathematical and scientific theories around the development of sound creation.

Program Overview

The Mastering The Mix program provide students with in-depth knowledge of music engineering, mixing and production techniques. To help prepare for the technical, hands-on studio components of the programs, some courses will focus on ear training and music theory. Students will have lessons at our facility working with professional equipment and at our programming partner – Long and McQuade (Keele and Steeles).

Other subjects may include (but limited to):

  • Industry trends and culture
  • Production theory
  • Analog and digital recording
  • Copyright laws and legal contracts
  • Studio setup

Programs also emphasize marketing and promotions and small business and entrepreneurship to prepare students for the business side of the music industry and gearing them up for post secondary education.

Program Requirements

  • Dedicated space for program
  • Access to school system
  • Offsite trip forms
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