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Middle School Tour wrap up!

From June 1st to June 4th, Just BGRAPHIC and team UNPLUGGED embarked on a new challenge to engage students like never done before.  We produced a middle school tour that hosted 8 schools in 4 days.  The objective was to promote the ways students could get involved in structured arts programming that fun safe and in their community.

This tour was staged like a travelling mini concert with performances from local artist and few celebrity artist as well.  Filled with messages of inspiration, we promoted self love, self confidence and of course our mantra “Be You. BGRAPHIC”; which means to be the best YOU!, because everyone else is taken.  Students got to dance, sing and scream to positive vibes.  The moments created during the tour far exceeded our expectations, and we are excited to do it again, bigger, better and strong next year.

Approximately 3200 students where engaged, 3200 students left the event empowered to make a difference! In the upcoming weeks, we will post a highlight video and full written report of the tour.


Peace and Love

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