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Mindset and Management with Anna Nichols

If you have ever identified your self on the edge of breaking down in the classroom, today’s show is particularly for you. There is hope and today’s guest is right here to assist!

Anna Nichols had lots of expertise outdoors of teaching ahead of she became a teacher at age 31. Becoming an outsider to the public education program, she attempted to figure out what tends to make students tick! 

Anna runs the blog Managing the Art Classroom. She began the weblog right after locating out that the quantity one particular situation for teachers was classroom management. She talked to quite a few teachers who felt like it was a struggle to even get youngsters to a space exactly where they could in fact understand. Now, she aids them discover that specific space.


Show Highlights:

  • Anna’s dream job teaching everyone is the job she has now!
  • After a month elementary art is not perfect for the youngsters or the teachers
  • Anna’s most significant challenge for elementary art classes
  • How Anna’s weblog was developed to assist teachers.
  • Methods that Anna’s consulting company is delivering oxygen for teachers.
  • Tips for teachers who are on the verge of breaking down.
  • Classroom management was the #1 variable in student achievement.
  • Anna is the final particular person she ever believed would influence other teachers in the classroom.
  • Warm/strict is how Anna describes her classroom management style.
  • Becoming a teacher is a psychological mine field!
  • The energy stance can be a secret weapon against worry and anxiousness.
  • The energy of “decide first” as a mindset practice.

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