We are proud to announce that Just BGRAPHIC and OCAD U are partners in delivering cutting edge SHSM experiences and certificates. Together we are committed to providing students with opportunities to explore occupational and educational pathways in the arts and culture sector through experiential learning.


The SHSM–Arts and Culture & Information and Communications Technology

SHSM enables students to build a foundation of sector-focused knowledge and skills before graduating and entering apprenticeship training, college, university, or an entry-level position in the workplace. Just BGRAPHIC SHSM Certification Programs provide students with opportunities to further explore various art stream and develop skills that will propel their pursuits to a post-secondary. Our SHSM Certification programs also provide opportunities for students to explore occupations in the sector through experiential learning.



Experiential learning and career exploration activities
Experiential learning and career exploration opportunities relevant to the sector might include the following:

  • One-on-one observation of a cooperative education student at a placement in the arts and culture sector (an example of job twinning)
  • A day-long observation of an artist (an example of job shadowing)
  • A one- or two-week work experience with a member of an industry association or a professional in the sector (an example of work experience)
  • Participation in a local, provincial, or national competition focused on one of the arts
  • Attendance at a sector trade show, conference, symposium, or job fair
    a tour of a local theatre, museum, studio, or art gallery

Reach ahead experiences
Students are provided one or more reach ahead experiences – opportunities to take the next steps along their chosen pathway – as shown in the following examples:

  • Apprenticeship: visiting an approved apprenticeship delivery agent in the sector
  • College: interviewing a college student enrolled in a sector-specific program
  • University: observing a university class in a sector-related program
  • Workplace: interviewing an employee in the sector

Choose from 8 Amazing Certifications

So many options to explore. Each SHSM certification is designed to give students hands on experiences to grow and pursue the career of their choice. Ignite the passion choose a SHSM today.

Creating Comics

Mobile technology plays a large role in our everyday lives, within this section you will use Auramsa, an augmented reality app, as a device for storytelling and way finding. You will be encouraged to attach text and images to specific surfaces and geographical locations, in an attempt to create a virtual reality that depends on physical reference point.

Model Making

This workshop is intended for students interested in Industrial and Furniture Design. Students will generate a scale model of an object of their choice using extruded polystyrene foam. Students will be introduced to examples of foam in model making and the various tools required. It is advised that students generate their own design sketches of household items to model, examples: teapot, jug, sofa, chair, screwdriver, spray bottle, etc. Communicate your designs spatially, an important skill every designer will need in their toolkit.

Figure Drawing

This workshop focuses on observing and representing the human figure. Drawing techniques will be explored through a variety of exercises that focus on the principles of composition, proportion, form, light and shadow, volume through line and tone, as well as contour drawing. The workshop will begin with short gesture poses and work towards longer sustained poses. Learn to observe and translate what’s around you in three dimensions to the page in front of you.  

Drawing Shortcuts for the aspiring Designer from 2D to 3D

Developments in computer drawing technology are rapidly advancing however the need to communicate through the ability to draw by hand remains constant. This user-friendly approach to drawing shortcuts will develop confidence and skill in a short period of time, with speedy results. Students will be guided through an immersive exploration of design process and drawing techniques that are useful for developing new cityscapes, products or sculptures. We’ll use drawing as a tool for thinking while learning to transform two-dimensional contour lines into three-dimensional forms represented through accurate perspective sketches. Practical steps will guide the development of techniques to observe, analyze and invent new three-dimensional realities, while providing you with both sketchbook process drawings and a finished composition that could be included in your portfolio.

Screen Printing and the Artist Multiple

Why make one, when you can make one hundred! Screen print revolutionized the way images and information affordably reached the masses. Originating in China, it wasn’t until American pop artists such as, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein popularized the industrial process in the 60s using light-sensitive chemicals to achieve photographic detail in their artwork. Screen print is all about smart layering, transparencies, and flat applications of block colours? pretty much on any surface! This workshop introduces you to the light-blocking process, demonstrates screen coating, image preparation, and the final tuning of water-based inks. Use spatulas, squeegees, a power washer, and our light exposure unit to create your very own Transparent Landscape on both paper, and a tote bag. You’ll be able to finish a series of prints during this time. This portfolio clinic offering is perfect for students curious about Printmaking and Graphic Design at OCAD U.

Logo Design for Beginners

Logo design is one of the most basic and essential skills for every Graphic Designer to know and have. A logo identifies a business, product or service through the use of a mark, symbol or signature that sometimes may include text. A popular logo is memorable and distinct and are a quick way to promote a company, product or service as they are easily recognizable. Classic examples of such logos include the Nike swish, the apple for Macintosh computers and the mythical mermaid for Starbucks Coffee. In this workshop, students will learn how to identify the various parts of a logo and how all the elements come together. From here, they will then chose a concept to brainstorm by developing rough sketches of a logo design of their own that will culminate in a final design made by hand. Students may choose to draw their designs as a vector graphic afterwards for further exploration. This workshop is perfect the student interested in Graphic Design as their logo can easily lead to designing a mock brand identity, business card or other stationary which are all core elements for every graphic designer’s portfolio.

Creative Writing

Looking to publish or perform? Personal statement got you stumped? Join one of OCADU’s professional writers and get a taste of OCAU’s unique take on writing in a fun and interactive workshop designed to help you create, critique, and refine your creative and critical writing. Together we’ll engage in a series of generative activities to stretch your writing muscles and expand your notions of what a text can be. We’ll explore proven techniques to transform your writing and bring ease to your writing process.

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