Interactive painting workshops for students grades 6+

Just BGRAPHIC and Tray Arts proudly present live and interactive painting workshops for students of all skill levels.

Just BGRAPHIC is always find new and interactive ways to engage young minds. Join us for lessons that allow students to learn new and exciting cultural painting techniques at their own pace. Painting in a group setting amongst other artists creates an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.
Our instructors are very inspirational and will show students and teachers  techniques to achieve the look the want. This works are designed for the begginer to the advanced student. Although the students will all be painting from the same starting point, they are welcome to customize their own piece with their favourite colours so everyone’s painting is unique, just like themselves!

Each workshop includes a 16×20″ canvas, all supplies and materials.



African Visual Arts is so great and so vibrant its hard to fit in one paragraph! Much like Western art, some African art has value as entertainment; some has political or ideological significance; some is instrumental in a ritual context; and some has aesthetic value in itself.  Students will participate in a workshop that will allow them to explore the vast world of African Art. 

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