Etch – Visual Arts

Visual arts program for students of all ages and skill levels. Students learn about colour theory, typography, graffiti, mural creation, painting and much more. Our instructors inspire students to push their creative limits and create works that reflect and address our community, society and world.

Project Info

Project Description

Our visual arts program – ETCH, allow students to bring their creative thoughts to life. By combining classroom learning and hands-on practice, students will achieve a better understanding of theories and develop enhanced visual arts skills, methods, use of materials and tools. This will allow them to expand their creative practice and find their creative edges — as well as develop the skills needed to pursue post secondary education.

This program focuses on drawing and painting. The program offers students an exciting and challenging opportunity to develop an enhanced skill set applicable to every discipline within the spectrum of visual arts. Students will learn to effectively plan and implement creative visual material, and facilitate expression and communication.

Program Requirements

  • Students Grades 6 and up
  • Dedicated program space suitable for programs goals.
  • Access to art supplies (brushes, paint, trays, etc.)