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Principle desires me to paint anything on workplace windows, but I really feel my time is superior spent in my area lesson preparing and prepping. : ArtEd

A small background: I was component time final year and was paid for the time I spent painting in the workplace. I am now complete time and possessing taken on added positions and classes. When asked if there would be compensation this year, my principle responded (through e mail) with a “most likely not” and that I could use time for the duration of parent teacher conferences to paint and/or on our Early Release Days (when the subject does not pertain art …. which there is but to be a single this year that does not).

Beneath is an e mail I drafted:

“I will attempt to get some accomplished for the duration of conferences, having said that, I was preparing to use that time for curriculum mapping for right here and lesson preparing for the higher college. I consider it to early to do a winter themed painting, but I will. If not, what are you searching for?

In the future, do you consider we can strategy to have me come in for the duration of the summer time to total a single for the complete college year? I really feel my time is superior spent in my classroom preparing and prepping.”

TLDR: I really feel art teachers are taken benefit of and come to be the college sign maker and decorator. That is not my job. Having said that, I do want to be a group player and be good. What would you say/do?

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