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Struggling to uncover function

Hey all, asking yourself if there is some guidance out there for me — or possibly some words of encouragement. I got my MFA in Illustration by means of SCAD with the target of teaching in thoughts. I did a handful of graduate teaching internships, and have some other student teaching below my belt. I was told I interviewed really effectively, that my application supplies are sound… But I am just not receiving hired. I’ve applied to neighborhood colleges, universities, neighborhood centers (desperate) and — absolutely nothing. I am beginning to get discouraged and it sucks due to the fact I am passionate about teaching. I wonder if it is a lack of practical experience considering the fact that I only have student teaching and then my present job (which is instruction but not in art). How am I supposed to get practical experience if I can not get hired?

I believe this is half vent/half in search of guidance and reassurances. Thanks for reading.

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