A summer of arts!

This summer your child can join us on a 6 week learning journey. An unforgettable experience with educators and Just BGRPAHIC licensed instructors in our new home at York University’s School of Arts Media Performance and Dance. Students will stay sharp and creative. Students will enhance their Math and English skills, while they develop and refine their art skills in drama, spoken word, visual arts, dance and much more. 30 days of adventures, keeping young minds active and growing while having fun. Students will leave inflated with pride; mastering new skills, and feeling connected to a team that leans on one another.

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Day Schedule

9:00 -10:15 amMathMath
10:20-11:30 amEnglishEnglish
11:30 - 12:30 pmLUNCHLUNCH
12:35 - 1:30 pmVisual ArtsVisual Arts
1:35 - 2:30 pmDanceSpoken Word
2:35 - 3:30 pmElectiveElective

Contact Info:

York University – Keele Campus
58 Fine Arts Rd.
Toronto ON

Office located directly infant of StarBucks

Kayode Brown

Caleesha Murray

Martha Baksh


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Sugar Free Academy

Working together to keep our children healthy!

We are committed to creating a space that promotes healthy learning and living. When students consume an excessive amount of sugar and then attempt to perform challenging tasks, like dance routines or math problems; the brain releases a lot of cortisol; also known as the ‘stress hormone’. When children’s bodies are flooded with cortisol, they struggle to function and pay attention to their lessons.

The amount of water you consume everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to maintain good health. As such, all types of juices, pop, energy drinks and flavoured water are not permitted at the Summer Arts Academy. Let’s work together to keep our children healthy!

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