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Supporting Student Expression with Eric Gibbons

Eric Gibbons joins Cindy on the podcast to share his passion for teaching art and supporting student expression. Though in college, a professor noticed Eric’s talents in art and teaching and encouraged him to come to be an art teacher. Eric says he may perhaps have been the initially student at his college to switch majors from pre-law to art education, but he has no regrets.

Eric has almost 30 years of teaching expertise and has been in a position to carry his really like for art to each Egypt and Japan, exactly where he was in a position to teach art. Presently, Eric teaches higher college art in New Jersey and was recognized by the state for his excellence in art education in 2015. His classroom lessons have been featured by Davis Publications and other books on art and education by means of Firehouse Publications of Bordentown, NJ. Eric’s very best-recognized book is If Picasso Had A Christmas Tree.

Eric’s operate has been featured in international exhibitions and in lots of publications. In addition, Eric is a blogger on his web-site, Art Ed Guru, and his blogs are appreciated by educators worldwide. 

Show Highlights:

  • Eric shares how his really like of art started at an early age.
  • Cindy and Eric talk about elements involved in teaching art in a public college
  • Eric shares why there has been some push-back to his philosophy of teaching art.
  • Students locate relevance in art when they have a private connection to it.
  • Cindy discusses how art can give students a technique to express their feelings. 
  • Eric tells about how he has his art students companion with students at other schools for a project.
  • Eric discusses how he makes use of a universal rubric for 2D and 3D artwork in his classroom.
  • Eric shares how he has his students reflect on their operate.
  • Eric shares recommendations for guaranteeing uniqueness and individuality in student operate.
  • Cindy and Eric talk about incorporating art history in the classroom.

Hyperlinks Pointed out in the Show:

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Art Ed Guru

Firehouse Publications

Art Grading

Suggestions for Making certain Individuality

Suggestions and Tricks in the Art Space

Eric’s Philosophy Diagram

Ken Vieth


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