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What classes do you teach? (higher college) : ArtEd

I at the moment teach:

two Semester Art Survey courses (Art Survey A, Art Survey B)

1 Complete Year Art two course

two Complete Year Intro to Drawing &amp Painting courses

I hate the present set up, mainly because considering that Art 1 is broken into two semesters, I get some diverse students the 2nd half of the year that by no means took the initially half of my Art 1 class which tends to make no sense. Then my Intro to Drawing and Painting course has no prereq and I get students that have not taken Art considering that 6th grade, and then I get students that took Art two final year – leaving the final year Art two students disappointed mainly because it is an Intro course focusing on factors they have currently mastered taking A1 and A2. Its a mess to me

I will be figuring out what to transform about this set up and pitching it to my Admin for a transform subsequent year. My initially start out is seeing WHAT other Art Teachers teach.

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