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Just BGRAPHIC helps talented young artist take a fair shot at catching their dreams.

Just BGRAPHIC is a modern movement of progressive artist united with experienced educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education in Canadian schools. We work with heart! Our slogan, “Be You. BGRAPHIC”, echoes the voices of aspiring artist on a quest to live authentically into their creative destiny. It fuels the commitment of our team to build safe, accessible, non-hobbyist programs for youth to explore the nooks of their creative identity; and it gives licence to our trained facilitators to turn the taste of raw talent into an ambitious appetite for young artist.

Just BGRAPHIC is a not for profit organization of social entrepreneurs strongly rooted in arts, culture and education. Just BGRAPHIC (JBG) is a unique hybrid project that is built on the principles of arts, education and equality. We believe that structured non-hobbyist arts programming paired with academic support can produce resilience in today’s youth. We collaborate with educators citywide to ensure we yield positive results within the youths we serve. Just BGRAPHIC is a place where youth come to realize their dreams by creating, learning, developing and showcasing their talents. We believe in economic empowerment while remaining socially aware and deeply rooted in the community. We have created a space where stigmas surrounding race, gender or sexual orientation are replaced with unity through artistic expression among vocalists, dancers, musicians and art enthusiasts. Just BGRAPHIC provides and gives youth the accessibility to freely explore the many facets of their creativity and just allows them to be themselves. Hence our slogan – “Be You. BGRAPHIC”.

Experiential Learning

martin-luther-small “Learning from experience”. Through our partners we provide our youth with experiential learning opportunities that expose them to various environments that enhance social skills, and interpersonal skills.


mentorsThrough various workshops and programming, Just BGRAPHIC provides a platform, which fosters growth and resilience in the lives of youth. By creating a safe space, it encourages development and opens the line of communication.

Social impact

social-impact Just BGRAPHIC has become a Jane Finch community staple and has served over 400 youth, put in over 5200 hours of programming, and provided 32 life changing opportunities. With a series of after school programs, workshops and seminars, JBG continues to increase youth employment, parent engagement and equity advocacy..

Their Voices

Students speak on how parents can Plug In to this generation.

We did a parent engagement project at St. Edmund Campion in 2013. The objective was to engage parents in meaningful conversations around strategies for supporting and understanding their children in this modern age. Int the end we wanted to encourage parents to have more conversations with their children and teachers. The Students voiced their options on how  some parents connect and how some parents  can connect.

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Community programming

Friday Night Live (“FNL”) is a drop-in Friday night program open to all youth. The program’s objective is to give youth a safe space to learn and explore new skills in life and in art.

Community Festival

The MUV Summit is a planned weekend-long youth arts festival of dance and performance showcases, awards, workshops, debates and movies to be held at York University annually.

Summer and March Break Camps

JBG offers a subsidized March Break and Summer Camps for youth between the ages of 11 and 17. The camp is designed to challenge youth participants to develop a showcase within the week.

Co-op and Internships

If you’re looking to gain valuable work experience while you’re going to school, JUST BGRAPHIC’s co-op and internship program is for you! Just BGRAPHIC has both co-op and internship opportunities for high school students that want an enhanced learning and working experience.

Workshops & Seminars

One of the keystone programs of the organization, JBG’s Summer Camp is offered for both middle school students, as participants, and high school students, as members of a paid staff team.

Lives we've impacted

Youth served
Programming hours
Life changing opportunities
Engaged parents

How we help

Youth employment

Through our partners and government agencies and program, we hire youth to work our core program. The youth go through our programs as participants and some graduate to become leaders and senior staff.

Equity advocasy

Equity is a pillar in which our programming stands. As artist we understand the importance of acceptance of different and self-acknowledgment. It is crucial that as art and education leaders that we advocate these principals.

Parent engagement

We pride ourselves on being able to make meaning connections and build strong relationships with the parents of our youth. Parents count on JBG as community partner and a safe space for their children to grow and learn.

Increase social capacity

Through collective relationships with various organizations, JBG is continually working to generate change that will benefit the community as a whole.

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