A JBG Summer: Goal Getta

My name is Jeralyn. I and I am good at math, dancing, swimming and playing piano. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old and I’ve been swimming since I was 10 months old. My favourite activities to do are painting, cooking and exercising. When I grow up I want become a mathmatician because I love math or a Pediatric surgeon because I love helping children. Some of the goals I would like to accomplish this year is to get good grades in school and pay more attention in class. Some of the long term goals I would like to accomplish is to get better at dancing so I can become a professional dancer and also do a compete in a piano and swimming competition. I first heard about Just BGraphic two years ago from my cousin Michaela when Unplugged Festival came to her school. Both me and my cousin Michaela attended JBG March break camp and summer camp last year and I came back to summer camp this year. My experience at JBG summer camp has been very fun so far. I got to make a lot of new friends and reunite with with some old friends from last year. My favourite activities to do at camp is cooking. We cook every Tuesday and so far, we’ve made tacos, cookies and pizzas and they were delicious.

– Jeralyn

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