A JBG Summer: Love for Dance

My name is Tattyannah and I’m 11 years old. I love math, dancing, swimming and playing sports. I have been dancing since I was little and I love to dance because it allows me to express myself. Ever since I started dancing, I have performed at STOMP, an urban dance competition, Unplugged Festival, a community festival organized by Just BGraphic in the Jane Finch neighbourhood and I have danced in a talent show for Just BGraphic. One of the long term goals I have is to practise more and become a better dancer and also to become a dance teacher for kids. So far, I really enjoy coming to summer camp because I have made a lot of Amazing friends like Abril, Jeralyn, Alisha, Tesha, Marcus and Jeshia and I really like all the summer camp staff. One of my favourite activities to do at camp is dance and by the end of camp, we get to perform a choreographed routine we have learned through a dancer instructor.

– Tattyannah

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