A JBG Summer: Respect, Leadership and Being Positive

My name is Tellisa and my hobbies are dancing, making art, cooking and I am also good at braiding hair. I first found out about JBG summer camp two years ago when they came to my school for the Unplugged Fest Middle School Tour. I really enjoyed the concert and I really wanted to go to JBG summer camp so I told my mom about the summer camp and ever since, I have been coming to camp every summer and march break. I love coming to JBG summer camp, it is really fun and I wish I can be here forever. My favourite activities at camp are making arts & crafts, baking and swimming. Not only is the camp really fun, it also teaches us about respect, leadership, being positive and other important lessons like never judge a person based on appearance, never bully others,  and also to treat others they way you would like to be treated. This is one of the reasons why I love JBG summer camp more than other summer camps.

– Tellisa Samuel

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