Breeann Morgan-Hunt

instinctively creative progressive educator.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies from York University, Breeann decided to teach English for a year in South Korea. One year turned into two and Breeann quickly realized her passion for classroom teaching aligned
well with her love of learning. Breeann returned to Toronto to complete a Master of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto. 

As a teacher candidate and post- graduate student, Breeann researched and observed how culturally responsive teaching was practiced in a range of classroom settings. Breeann’s range of experiences as a tutor, after-school program coordinator and public-school teacher have proven to her the need for inclusive and open classrooms, where students can engage in discussions about race, identity, and difference as experienced in society and in their lives. 


Her teaching pedagogy is rooted in culturally responsive teaching practices that challenge racism, anti-black racism and homophobia. As a middle school Special Education teacher today, Breeann’s teaching practice focuses on social and emotional learning, and creating an inclusive environment where students are genuinely respected and a belief in their capability is widely embraced. Breeann has continued her teacher education journey with additional qualifications in Special Education, Mathematics and Dramatic Arts.

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