Are you Ready Downsview?

Today Downsview students got a little surprise. They were met with a new face in the dance room. Larinee Movessian is small but comes hard! With a new approach to Hip Hop, Larinee teaches the JBG Downsview Students a number that focuses on technique yet still delivers the edge that they know and love. What they love about being apart of Just BGraphic is the opportunity to engage in a positive environment and learn. With the dance number that they are learning today it is aggressive yet fun. There is a lot of hard hitting points throughout the dance that students have to remember. To execute the dance effectively the student have to pay attention to the song. This session is different for the JBG students of Downsview today but towards the near future it will become easier for them. Having a choreographer such as Larinee come in and teach the JBG students is exciting and they are hungry for more. See you Wednesday JBG DOWNSVIEW!


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