Bhangra Beginner & Intermediate with Gauri

Bhangra Beginner & Intermediate with Gauri

Bhangra is one of the popular Punjabi folk dance form. Bhangra take place mainly in the Punjabi culture.Bhangra referred both to formal male performances and to communal dancing among men and women In the past 30 years, bhangra has been established all over the world.
In a typical performance, several dancers execute vigorous kicks, leaps, and bends of the body—often with upraised, thrusting arm or shoulder movements

Beginner Level:
Introduction to the dance form, Understanding of beats/rhythm, understanding the coordination of body with the music.
Practice of some basic bhangra steps, build stamina  with an hour of fun class. 
*No previous experience required

Focus on more complex choreography and techniques.  New upbeat song and different type of choreography which would include vigorous Bhangra steps. 
**No professional experience required



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