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JBG Summer Arts Academy – High School

A free transformative summer program offering experiences for twenty high school students in Downsview/North York. Made possible by Northcrest Development, Humber College, Focus On Youth Toronto District School Board, and Toronto Catholic District School Board’s collaboration. Explore Painting, Drawing, Fashion, and Digital Arts & Media.


Transforming Education: Empowering Students through PC Building

With each student going home with their own custom PC build. Just BGRAPHIC, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), Canada Computers, Red Bull Gaming Hub, and AMD joined forces to empower 12 high school students in a groundbreaking PC building workshop at TMU’s Red Bull Gaming Hub.

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Kid Kut: A Pioneer in Canada’s Urban Entertainment Scene

two-decade journey through Canada’s urban entertainment scene with Kevin “Kid Kut” Keith. Beyond being a DJ, Emcee, Promoter, and Producer, Kid Kut’s narrative is interwoven with the legacy of the Baby Blue Soundcrew, trailblazers in shaping Canadian hip hop and R&B.

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Dance Revolt 2023 Recap & Curriculum Connection

Dance Revolt 2023! Gratitude to 10 schools and 225 students who made it unforgettable. Instructors, including Mark Samuels, Tabby Rockstar, and Tatiana Parker, seamlessly intertwined the event with Ontario’s Dance Curriculum. Explore our recap to delve into the dance journey—artistic expression, technical finesse, identity exploration, community bonds, and the pulse of Dance REVOLT!

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Unlock Your Potential: PC Building Workshop Opportunity for Students!

Just BGRAPHIC, The Creative School, TMU, Canada Computers, Red Bull Gaming Hub, and AMD present a golden opportunity for students! Join us for a hands-on PC Building workshop at TMU Library’s CoLab, led by the dynamic Dr. Kris Alexander. This unique experience on December 7, 8, 12, and 13 is your chance to explore the world of PCs and technology. Act now – apply today and be part of something extraordinary! 🌟 #PCBuilding #TechEnthusiasts #StudentOpportunity

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High School Student DJ Contest: Your Friday Night Vibe @ Hangar Skate Nights 2024

Are you a high school student with a passion for music? Ready to show off your DJ skills and take the stage with the pros? Submit your 15-20 minute mix, tell us a bit about yourself, and provide a photo. Only one submission allowed, so make it count! The winning DJs will be announced on January 19th and get to perform live in 2024. Get ready to groove and make your mark in the world of music!

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Dance Revolt: A Vital Revolution in Dance Pedagogy

With a rich history of cultural exploration, Dance Revolt has been a beacon for diversity in the world of dance education. From Hip Hop to Traditional African Dance, it’s not just about the moves; it’s about celebrating the rich tapestry of dance and fostering cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation.

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