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Do Dat Entertainment – Toronto’s First Professional Hip Hop Dance Agency

Do Dat Entertainment pioneered Toronto’s unique style of hip hop dance despite persistent anti-Black racism within Toronto’s arts and culture sector during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Do Dat became the nation’s premiere Black owned and operated dance agency creating movement and providing dancers, artist-development for artists of all genres. in March 2023 we are going to celebrate their legacy

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Social Media

Social media has played a major role in society but not necessarily a positive one. I believe that social media should be banned for various reasons such as mental health/self-image,

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Marguerite Annie Johnson

Maya Angelou or originally known as Marguerite Annie Johnson was dancer, singer, social rights activist and most importantly a world-famous African American poet who had a very unique style of

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The Porters: Canadian Black History

The great depression had a differential impact on various ethnic groups throughout Canada. Factors such as ethnicity and religion played a major role in how different people survived the turmoil

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