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Afrobeats with Edz Gymafi

Join professional dancer Edz Gymafi for an electrifying dance workshop that celebrates the vibrant music and dance of Africa. From the infectious beats of Afrobeats to the dynamic movements of

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Dancehall with Edz

“Get ready to move to the beat with Dancehall with Edz! This immersive dance workshop explores the history and culture of Dancehall music and dance, from its roots in Jamaica in the 1980s to its global influence today. Led by professional dancer Edz, you’ll learn the fundamental techniques and moves of Dancehall dance, and get a chance to express yourself through group performances and freestyle dance circles. Join us and discover the rhythm and energy of Dancehall for yourself!

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West African drumming with Zahra

Summary Implementation & Learning ContextFacilitators will bring several West African percussive instruments for the students to learn itsmaterial components, history, cultural context and the rhythmic patterns. They will also have

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