Charcoal Portrait Study Pt. 1 – with Phil

Charcoal Portrait Study Pt. 1 – with Phil

Grades: Intermediate and High School

Duration: 75-180 minutes

Ready to paint a portrait? Charcoal Portrait Study Pt. 1, hosted by artist Phillip, can help you do just that! This 75-minute workshop will guide you through understanding how to create powerful and dramatic portraits with charcoal. From blocking the form, surfaces, tones, and shapes in the portrait and contour lines to rendering details of the eyes and hair, the workshop will explore all of these skills in order to assist you on your journey towards mastering portraiture.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or are seeking a new skill set, this workshop is ideal for anyone looking to refine their skillset and create bold, sophisticated works. With detailed instruction from our expert instructor as well as materials provided upon registration for the class for all participants, attending this workshop will leave you confident in using charcoal for your artworks. Don’t miss out on this exciting experience — register for Charcoal Portrait Study Pt 1 today!



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