Contemporary Dance Workshop with Mel Hart

Contemporary Dance Workshop with Mel Hart

Grades: Junior, Intermediate, and High School

Duration: 40-180 minutes

Join professional dancer and instructor Mel Hart for an immersive contemporary dance workshop that promises to ignite your passion and unleash your potential. Mel has been teaching youth of all ages since 2013, and her classes encourage students to take risks and explore the limitless possibilities that come with learning contemporary dance.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to connect with your body and move it through space in unconventional ways. Dancing in bare feet, you’ll connect to the earth and improvise to different sounds. You’ll also learn a short choreography that allows you to channel different emotions and share unique stories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop skills in contemporary dance technique, improvisation, and choreography
  • Explore creative expression through movement and storytelling
  • Learn in a safe and supportive environment with a professional instructor
  • Build strength and flexibility while enhancing overall fitness and wellbeing

This program is perfect for junior, intermediate, and high school students who want to explore their passion for dance and take their skills to the next level. The workshop can be tailored to different durations depending on your needs, ranging from 60-120 minutes.

Enroll now and reserve your date for this immersive dance experience that will inspire and empower you!

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