Dance Revolt A Tribute To Do Dat Entertainment

Dance Revolt A Tribute To Do Dat Entertainment

Here is a short recap video of Dance Revolt – A Tribute to Do Dat Entertainment, Torontos first Black owned and operated professional Hip Hop dance agency. There were so many moments and gems throughout the day, it’s hard to capture it in 90 seconds.

Thank you to all the schools that attended. Teacher resource material on Do Dat is coming soon, read the full article on Do Dat (link in bio) Let’s continue to decolonize arts education by inserting our stories and histories in the classroom and studios.

To understand the significance of Do Dat Entertainment, you have to look beyond the celebrity milestones and accolades into the impact and legacies that have been sustained since their first performance and the persistent fight against anti-black racism in Toronto during the late 80’s into the 2000’s.

Do Dat Entertainment pioneered Toronto’s unique style of hip hop dance by infusing reggae rhythms, with hip hop dance movement and militant formations inspired by African American step dance. Despite persistent anti-black racism within Toronto’s arts and culture sector during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Do Dat became the nation’s premiere Black owned and operated dance agency creating movement and providing dancers for artists of all genres. Do Dat is responsible for the blueprint to Canadian professional hip hop dance. The legacies of some of the original foundation members are still prominent in today’s industry. Their style of choreography and showmanship is still essential to all practitioners of modern hip hop dance.
About Dance Revolt:
Dance REVOLT is a full day dance conference open to students in grades 8-12 + College and University students. This year’s conference will focus on Toronto Hip Hop dance with a tribute to Do Dat Entertainment- Toronto’s first professional Hip Hop Dance Agency.

Read full Article on Do Dat Entertainment

Do Dat Entertainment – Toronto’s First Professional Hip Hop Dance Agency




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