Dance Revolt – Spring 2020 regist

Dance Revolt – Spring 2020 registrations are open now! Master choreographer @AmyWrightDance – choreographer for @TheNextStep will be teaching her unique blend of #Jazz & #Funk. This is a MAJOR event, don’t miss it. Every week we’ll announce new choreographers joinig the faculty. Early bird prices are on now and end on March 1st.
Register now for $35/Student. (Spaces are limited) Register now


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Breakdance is Not Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dance is a term that is used very ambiguously when trying to describe dances done to hip hop music. Imagery of break dancers, or breakdance poses are used to advertise hip hop dance, or hip hop culture. This is problematic because the distinction between the two forms of dance is accompanied with conflicting ideologies of hip hop cultural authenticity.


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