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Coming March 2023

After a 2 year hiatus, Dance Revolt is coming back with a tribute to Toronto’s very first Professional Hip Hop Dance Agency Do Dat Entertainment. This is an event you don’t want to miss!  

The Experience

Meet Do Dat Ent.

Dance REVOLT is a full day dance conference open to students in grades 8-12 of intermediate skill level and up. This years conference will focus on Toronto Hip Hop dance with a tribute to Do Dat Entertainment- Toronto’s first professional Hip Hop Dance Agency. 

Students will learn about  the evolution of Hip Hop Dance  and the history of it’s pioneers Luther Brown, through the stories of Luther Brown and members of Do Dat Entertainment.  The conference will also explore post secondary dance programs offered by York University’s School of Arts Media Performance and Dance.  Together we’ll ask why isn’t there a dedicated Hip Hop Dance class or course?

The conference will also explore careers and the business of being in the Arts Industry and much more. This is an amazing opportunity for students to learn Toronto’s rich history of hip hop from the professionals who pioneered this dance genre. Explore the world of dance as a student of York University and to connect with other dancers, share creativity and talents.

This conference is a high energy, fun learning environment for all.

Get Started!

Get notified

The program official launches Sept, 2022. Pre-regitser now to get early bird notices, updates and other opportunities!

Get Started!

Get notified

The program official launches Sept, 2022. Pre-regitser now to get early bird notices, updates and other opportunities!

How to register

Registrations are online only, and can only be done by a teacher or school board staff. Our objective is to introduce as many schools tot he opportunity, so each school is limited to a max of 20 students for the in-person experience.

School may also choose to register for the online stream access for larger groups.

Day Schedule

8:00am – Onsite registration 

8:40am – Welcome and greetings

9:00am – Dance workshops

11:00am – Lunch Break

12:00am -MasterClass

2:00pm – Conversation with Do Dat

2:45pm – Showcase and presentations

3:00pm – Pictures and Dismissal

Frequently Asked Questions

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Revolt Blog

What Makes Do Dat So Special?

misterbrown August 8, 2022

What made Do Dat truly unique was they were not a breakdance crew, their style of choreography, and the amount of male dancers that were active members of the crew.

Breakdance is Not Hip Hop Dance

misterbrown August 7, 2022

Hip Hop dance is a term that is used very ambiguously when trying to describe dances done to hip hop music. Imagery of break dancers, or breakdance poses are used to advertise hip hop dance, or hip hop culture. This is problematic because the distinction between the two forms of dance is accompanied with conflicting ideologies of hip hop cultural authenticity.

Do Dat Entertainment – Toronto’s First Professional Hip Hop Dance Agency

misterbrown May 27, 2022

Do Dat Entertainment pioneered Toronto’s unique style of hip hop dance despite persistent anti-Black racism within Toronto’s arts and culture sector during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Do Dat became the nation’s premiere Black owned and operated dance agency creating movement and providing dancers, artist-development for artists of all genres. in March 2023 we are going to celebrate their legacy

Who Dat? DO DAT! 

misterbrown April 30, 2022

Kojo “Tuch” Mayne - Do Dat Dancer (Photographer - @DavidWile) Do Dat Entertainment pioneered Toronto's