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Diverse, original and passionate, Just BGRAPHIC is a modern movement of progressive artists united with experienced educators on a bold mission to revolutionize arts education in Canadian schools. Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization and over the course of a decade has evolved into a social enterprise.

Our social conscience is rooted in the belief that students exposed to opportunities and supported with the right resources can develop the resilience and confidence to achieve academic success. Ultimately, Just BGRAPHIC helps talented young artists take a fair shot at catching their dreams in an academic environment. 


Artist and Educators on a bold mission to revolutionize education

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Our dropping classes are short and sweet. In just 40min learn a new skill, or refine an old one. Choose from our ever growing collection of drop-in classes.


Take things a little further, in 75min of engaging works designed to dive into a skill, introduce you to something new, or add depth with theory.


Our Specialist High Skills Major courses are 3 hours in length with 2 hours of instruction including theory and practical and 1 assignment / assessment that will take 1 hour to complete.


Asynchronous eCourses for learners 13+. Our eCourses are great for self guided learners. Dive all the way in with our growing collection of eCourses

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Booking programs is easy and free.  Start by choosing a program, then select a date and time, and check availability.  Thats it!  Manage your bookings and communicate with the instructor directly through your account manager.

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