Hip Hop with Edz

Hip Hop with Edz

Grades: Junior, Intermediate, and High School

Duration: 60-120 minutes

Teachers and educators, get your students ready to break it down and take their dance moves to the next level with Hip Hop with Edz! Our workshop offers an educational experience like no other, providing a crash course in hip hop dance for students of all ages and skill levels. Led by our experienced and passionate instructor, Edz, your students will learn the foundations of hip hop dance in a fun and interactive environment.

Encourage your students to move and groove with Edz as they explore the different dimensions of hip-hop culture. From classic moves to intricate choreography, Edz will guide them every step of the way as they master the basics and unleash their creativity through self-expression.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, come join us for a hip hop experience like no other. Get ready to bust a move, have fun, and unleash your inner dancer with Hip Hop with Edz!

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive approach to hip hop dance education
  • Structured curriculum for youth of all ages
  • Experienced and passionate instructor
  • Mastery of basics and exploration of hip-hop culture
  • Authentic techniques and forms for more creative self-expression
  • Exciting digital community for students to connect and share their love of hip hop culture

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