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As we move forward with online education Just BGRAPHIC is looking to realign our educational programs to reflect our mission statement; ‘Revolutionize Arts Education’.  If you are reading this it is because you share our passion for progressive education that challenges the ideals of a eurocentric based educational system.  We believe this is a great opportunity for us to work together and promote our collective expertise as progressive educators. 

The vision of the organization is to assemble a team of curriculum developers who share the belief in a progressive non-eurocentric based curriculum that embodies critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving to deconstruct racism and rebuild equity. The role of each developer is to collaborate with us in developing curriculum for students grades 3 – 12.  As a curriculum developer, you have an option of creating teacher lesson plans that teachers and parents who are homeschooling can download and deliver on their own.  Teachers can enroll their students in the programs which are delivered by yourself or other Just BGRAPHIC instructors online. 

As this model grows, we envision offering online teacher training and workshops to build anti-oppression, anti-black racism leadership and teaching skills. 2020 has opened the eyes and ears of people to the injustices marginalized and racialized people face around the world. This is our opportunity to fight  racism through art and education.

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As curriculum developers its our duty to teach through a reflective and inclusive curriculum, utilizing multiple cultural relevant pedagogy.


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