On Wednesday May 20th, JBG Downsview had their last class. It has been an amazing experience to see the growth of the students from February till now. Through out the last few classes, the students had the opportunity to learn a new dance that they will get to perform for the Middle School Tour and Generation Change. With their hard work and dedication to come out to the classes every Monday and Wednesday, the students will see the results of their hard work. I am excited to see them perform the dance and the reaction of those who are watching. Going over the routine over and over it allowed them to get an understanding and a feel of the dance. This allows them to get to know the dance inside and out.

This was an amazing experience for myself as well as the students. Friendships were created, smiles were made and laughter.

Having the JBG program at the school gave the students an opportunity to get away for 2 hours and have fun. In a safe environment and surrounded by positivity, the students were able to just relax for a moment and not have to worry about anything.

Just BGRAPHIC is a great program to have in the schools. To have the students participate is amazing and I hope they will continue to connect with the JBG program in the near future.

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