Kayode Brown

Founder Kayode Brown has been the visionary behind Just BGRAPHIC and has guided his team through a decade of growth and development.  Raised in the Jane Finch Community, Kayode’s roots grow deep in it’s foundation; his family has been a part of the fabric, progression and evolution since the late 80’s. Father of four, son of a Minster and retired Toronto District School Board principal, Kayode comes from a foundation of education, community development and the arts.  

As the organization moves forward with online education Kayode is looking to realign Just BGRAPHIC’s educational programs to reflect the mission statement; ‘Revolutionize Arts Education’. 2020 has opened the eyes and ears of people to the injustices marginalized and racialized people face around the world. He feels this is an opportunity to fight racism through art and progressive education that challenges the ideals of a eurocentric based educational system. It is Kayode’s belief that this is a great opportunity for us to work together and promote our collective expertise as progressive educators. 

As this model grows, Kayode envisions offering online teacher training and workshops to build anti-oppressive, anti-black racism, leadership and teaching skills. Currently studying at York University towards his masters in education  Kayode has plans to work within the ministry of education developing curricula that are purposely inclusive and representative of our diverse society.

As an artist – Kayode has worked in the professional digital art sector for over 15 years.  He brought his professional arts background and his experience and passion for education to develop programming that has been tested and proven. “Being an artist has been my way of life since I can remember. Growing up in a family of artists it has always been second nature to express myself through music, dance, graphic/visual arts, and performing arts. The freedom of being able to produce something that is not confined by anything other than my limitations motivates me to continue to push beyond any boundaries.”

As an educator, Kayode believes that there is an obligation to constantly push the boundaries of education; forever  keeping up with the ever changing landscape called life. He hopes that his programs and experiences help to carry the progressive torch forward. 

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